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Hi, I'm Michael

So many more Adventures

So many more Playgrounds

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I'm a hands on kind of mann.

Concept  to  Completion

Self  Employed  1969 to  the  Present

Natural Motion Surfboards – Blue Pacific Certified Welding,

M.J. Ackerman Construction, Designer / Builder of Homes

Theater Sets / Acting


Paintings – Sculptures – Workshops – Coaching – Homes

. . . . .

May The Gifts I’ve Tempereed and Honed, 

Bless and Serve You Well Too.

d w e l l i n a r t

began as a pun

and became my way of life,

creating objects and experiences 

for our spirits to thrive in.

. . . . .

I was living in the back of my 1st art studio gallery 

in the creamery, preparing for my 1st Art after dark.

SLO’s monthly art crawl,

I needed a shingle fast.


 became the perfect moniker

for the amalgamation of my practical, architectural skills,

my art life, 

and my emotional / psyche / spiritual personas

. . . . .

My love of the unknown,  inspires me to make my

playgrounds  bubble  with life

My passion is simple,

create . . . 

Designing and Building a Home

Impacts the soil it’s built on,

its owners,

and myriads of communities.

Creating art, speaking ideas,

impacts the psyche, emotions,

and spirituality of its owners

as well as all observers. 

I consider it a Sacred Trust and Privilege

to Create