I had completed my first internal walkabout,

chose to return by

opening my 1st art studio/gallery

in SLO’s Creamery.

Living in the back

art strewn everywhere, mind-spinning

emotions all over the place

I needed a shingle,

a sign

for my 1st Art AfterDark.


Who am I

in the world


. . . . .

This acrylic sign poured out, 

simple, crude


. . . . .

d w e l l i n a r t

began as a pun

and became  the perfect moniker

for the amalgamation

of my practical skills,


architectural skills,

emotional / psyche / spiritual personas

. . . . . . . . .

I was ready for my 1st Art After Dark

in the Creamery on Hiquera St. SLO CA - 2002


I can’t find any exterior elevation pictures.